JM Schroder (aka Selene Jasper)

JM Schroder

Selene Jasper aka. JM Schroder joins BDSM Writers Con 2016 for our first west coast conference. We had a chance to interview her and here’s what she had to say. Feel free to ask a few questions of your own.


What got you interested in writing BDSM?
I am in the lifestyle in a small way and it has  been a part of my life since I was 16.  It’s a very long story on how I was introduced and the reasons I choose the this way of life but I knew from a very early age that is what I craved and that it came so natural to me.  I have explored the many aspects of lifestyle and have research and experimented with what I enjoy in many ways.  I’ve also had many discussions with women and men who live it 24/7 like I have always wanted to do but to this I have not found the right partner/or partners—well, actually that is wrong — I actually did but we were to young to know that is what we wanted or actually what it was.  We had explored bondage, dominance, submission and other aspects of the lifestyle more than most young people and even got married, but we lost our way.  So, now, until I reunite with my true Master/Dom I let my imagination play out my fantasies and he is always right there in my mind with meJM Schoder 4

What resources or research, if any, have you done into BDSM to make your stories realistic?  If you haven’t written BDSM in the past, what’s made you want to start now?
I have always had an aspect of BDSM in my writing.  I used to get told in high school to pull back on my references to it that it was not appropriate.  So, I think it is just in me.  It is who I am.  As to research, I use the internet, books, and talking to people that live it daily or at least on the weekends.  But I would say some of it comes from my life what I want.

What differences or difficulties, if any, do you see in writing D/s stories as opposed to your typical romance?
None really, I think people expect spankings, whips, chains, and other things, but I feel in a real D/s relationship there is the exchange of power, but it is so much more it’s mutual respect and love of the lifestyle and the need for more.  People do not see that, it is exploring your sexuality, what brings you pleasure, whether it be a pain, bondage, humiliation, or just the act of submission to your Dominate.  It is the mutual desire to please.

You’re joining us for our first west coast conference in Everett Washington, March 31 – April 3, 2016. Why have you chosen to attend BDSM Writers Con?
I want to learn more about the art of writing about the lifestyle.  I want to meet like minded people.

JM Schoder--Jasmine_AmazonJM Schroder (aka Selene Jasper) launched her professional writing career in May of 2012.  From a very early age she has loved to read and loved writing poetry and short stories.  And then one day she woke up from a dream and she knew right then that it was this character talking to her and her first book came into existence.  To date, she has released three books and is currently working on more in the original series.  And has added three more series to her work-in-progress. As her full-time career and hobby, JM writes steamy urban fantasies and erotic romance.

JM was born and raised in Oregon.  She has three children, dog and a bratty cat.  She looks to everyday life for inspiration on her writing.  She has many muses that also inspire her.  She is forging her way as an author.

All while she is pursuing a degree in Computer Science/photography.  She will continue to spend time plugging away at her keyboard putting the stories of her characters down on paper so that she can free up some space in her head.

When JM is not writing or plotting out her next story, JM loves spending time with her kids, reading, and planning her future which will include some hiking, camping, and fun times.