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Gabriel Garbow V

Illustration by Gabriel Garbow


Join us in welcoming Gabriel Garbow
one of our Featured Authors who is also
a BDSM illustrator


What got you interested in drawing BDSM?
It started with the visuals.  I enjoy drawing the human form, especially in dramatic poses.   It doesn’t get much more dramatic than a body stretched by rope chains or bars.  There is also the element of suggested danger that some BDSM scenarios imply, which appeals to my sense of adventure.

What research or resources go into making your BDSM drawings?
I use a lot of visual references, and have done some research online.  I’ve also started getting closer with my local gay kink & leather communities.  Keeping my ears open, and have just recently taken on a mentor.

What unique challenges are posed by drawing BDSM-themed illustrations, as opposed to other erotic imagery.
One challenge in drawing BDSM illustrations is trying to capture the right tone.  I try to avoid glorifying non-consensual situations, so I strive to make it apparent in the picture that all parties are into it.  At the same time, you don’t want thins to look silly or be too obvious about it.  So subtlety is key.  Another element that I strive to get right is the gear.  The construction of the implements involved matters to a lot of practitioners, and while a lot of my drawing is loose and sketchy by nature, I like to get the details right.  So understanding where the rivets and stitches belong on a harness is important, as is understanding the proportions and functions of bench or sling.

Gabriel Garbow II

Illustration by Gabriel Garbow

What are your favorite scenarios to draw?
I am partial to rope.  One of my favorite drawings “Suspension I” involves a nude man hanging in undefined space, incapacitated by an intricate web of knots, with his rear-end obliquely presented to the viewer.  I also like boys chained up, especially with ‘menacing’ or mysterious shadows approaching.

Why have you chosen to attend BDSM Writers Con?
I am drawn to this world, and feel a kinship with the kink community.  During the earliest days of college, I befriended a seasoned dominatrix who hosted an open mic poetry night at a bar in Manhattan.  Since then, I have been both intrigued by – and comfortable with – the concepts of domination and submission, and all the possibilities they unlock.  I expect the convention to be a great way to meet people in this industry who may be interested in illustration, and connect directly with BDSM art lovers.


Gabriel Garbow is an illustrator focusing on male erotic imagery, bondage and leather. His style has its foundation in fine art, printmaking, advertising, and the super hero comics he read and emulated in his youth. Gabriel studied illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He now resides in Minneapolis, MN, crafting his digital illustrations, watercolors and commissions in a tiny home studio. Garbow shows art at galleries and festivals throughout the year in Minnesota, New York, and Chicago. You may know Gabriel as Paulo Galvin, the alias which he had been working under for years.  He now favors his given name.  Gabriel will be signing and selling artwork at the convention.

You can connect with Gabriel at:, and


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