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It’s my pleasure to introduce Cris Anson this week. I met her in 2012 when she attended my three-day BDSM for Writers Intensive. She returned in 2013 and I’m pleased to say, she’ll be attending again this year. This year, she’s not only attending, she will also be a presenter providing some wonderful information as well. Cris has shown a dedication to her writing craft that is admirable. Her passion and willingness to explore the life of Dominance and submission is inspiring. Then again, what’s there not to love ’s about BDSM? Please join me in welcoming Cris as this week’s Featured Author.

Cris Anson



Truth to tell, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I want to taste it all, see it all, try it all.

Let me back up. In August 2012, I attended Dr. Charley’s inaugural “BDSM for Writers Workshop” in New York City, a small group that fit in the parlor of a hotel suite. Like a sponge, I absorbed every word and asked questions along with my fellow attendees, none of whom were “out” in the lifestyle.

Our curriculum included two eye-opening visits to Paddles, NYC’s longest-running dungeon (30 years so far and going strong). Friday night was quiet, so we were able to touch, try, sit on or be tied to any or all of the equipment, talk to folks who welcomed us because they wanted us writers to “get it” and tell the truth about the lifestyle. Saturday the joint was jumping, with TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) hosting a well-attended party. We watched floggings, spankings, needle play, humiliation, pussy torture, cock torture, tickling, and a host of other fetishes, all of which enlivened our imaginations for future stories.

My biggest takeaway, however, was the friends I made in the lifestyle, Dr. Charley primary among them. It should be no surprise, therefore, that I dedicated my September 2013 release from Ellora’s Cave, NO PATIENCE, thus:

To Dr. Charley Ferrer, World Renowned Clinical Sexologist. Your BDSM for Writers Weekend in August 2012 opened so many doors—into my mind and into your world. Thank you for your friendship and guidance. My writing is all the richer for it.

Okay, another huge takeaway: the lifestyle itself. I found the courage to sign up for Fetlife. Through that connection I discovered several groups in my area and began to attend “munches” – a kinky way to describe a “vanilla” social event where we simply sat and chatted, not unlike being in a friend’s living room and meeting that person’s other friends. Because believe me, you want to know a little about the person you’re standing naked in front of while they do dastardly things to you (with your consent, of course).

From there I progressed to attending a few private parties, then graduated to actually going to a dungeon with a few new female friends. I experienced spanking, flogging, single-tail whip and other impact instruments, Violet Wand, being blindfolded, tied up, was partially suspended and more. Some kinks I enjoyed more than others. Some I’d love to do again and again and again and…um, where was I? Oh, right. All of these experiences have begun to flavor my writing.

Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on REDEMPTION AND MERCY, a novel that’s about 50,000 words (and climbing). Both the hero and heroine have just dipped their toes into the BDSM world, both have a mentor, and when they meet, oh boy, electricity zaps all over the place! *big grin* Trouble is, both of them have lots of sexual experience but what they know about power exchange, delayed gratification, dominating and submitting, could fit inside a teaspoon. So each of them gets a taste of being both a Dom and a sub. And although I’m leaning a certain way, I’m still not sure which of them will be *ahem* on top at the end of the book!

But maybe that’s because I still consider myself a switch. When I meet that person who will either make me want to kneel naked before him or let him feel my lash on his naked flesh, I’ll be sure to let y’all know.

Meanwhile, let me pimp my MERCY series.

The first, PUNISHMENT AND MERCY, is a ménage set in 1699 Massachusetts Bay Colony, in which both the blacksmith and his apprentice fall in love with the lusty widow. It’s available in both print and digital formats at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online booksellers. Maybe I took liberties (I’m sure no one in 1699 dared write about it), but there are BDSM elements in that story.

The second is MERCY AND REDEMPTION, a contemporary reincarnation story where the two heroes researching their genealogy meet in an old cemetery an hour from Boston. The heroine comes across them while doing gravestone rubbings. The three of them realize they have unfinished business from the past and yes, it is also a ménage. Now available digitally, MERCY AND REDEMPTION will be released in paperback on December 23.

The aforementioned book I’m working on, REDEMPTION AND GLORY, should be ready for my editor before year’s end and I hope it will be available, at least digitally, for the August conference. Because this one is strictly BDSM and it’s all as a result of Dr. Charley’s teaching at the two BDSM for Writers Conferences I attended.

If you write BDSM (or want to) or if you enjoy reading it, don’t miss this year’s

Cris Anson’s interest in BDSM has been evident since her first erotic romance was published in 2005. In Redemption and Glory, her fourteenth book with Ellora’s Cave, two novices to BDSM learn what turns them on, but their exploration turns explosive when a second man enters their Domination and submission games. Aaron’s Jewel, a BDSM novella featuring older protagonists, will release in September. Cris loves to do her research!



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