Leather Etiquette & Protocols

Leather is what I am and BDSM Kink is what I do!

This class will provide an overview of some of the dynamics that are a part of what is termed The Leather Community. We’ll address how this differs from the BDSM community as the two are not the same.

We will address:

  • why we wear leather
  • how it effects our relationships
  • what it mean to be a part of the Leather Community
  • how do you find your place in the Leather Community
  • and more…

We will also discuss the various kinds of etiquette and protocols found in the community, and how someone learns the norms of behavior.

About our presenter:
Christine Cummings is a male to female post-operative transgender, and community activist, having given a number of lectures on Transgender Issues and Experiences.

During my time in San Diego, I worked to serve my community in a variety of ways. I was Knight of Leather in 2008, and served as a volunteer helping to put Leather Pride together. After that I gained my lifetime title with the Imperial Court as the Silver Phoenix Leather Crown Princess. Also during my time in San Diego I served as Secretary for the South Bay Pride.org, which has produced South Bay Pride-South County and produced Pride events in the South Bay for San Diego County.

I relocated to Seattle in 2010 where I joined the Seattle girls of Leather. I was a founding member of the Seattle girls of Leather, and served as a member at large. I have served as President for the Seattle girls of Leather. As President I made every effort to provide camaraderie and a safe place for any individual who identifies as a Leather girl, while providing community service. During my tenure as President, I started a series of workshops to benefit the members as well as others in our community, who chose to join our workshops. Our workshops included topics such as Leather Etiquette and Protocol and the Leather History of the Pacific Northwest. I believe that education and up to date information is important for the members of the Seattle girls of Leather, and our community.





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