Behind the scenes of Power Dynamic relationships

BDSM Writers Con, Eric Pride, bondagePower exchanges are beautiful. They can be intoxicating. They can make the world melt away for both partners. They can be very successful in all of their forms from “temp play scenes” to “24/7” when both sides understand their own power and continue to nurture it in a way that grows them. When one or both sides stops being self-aware and getting wrapped up in the other person and forget themselves, then it is no longer an exchange because you can’t exchange something you do not have yourself.

This class helps to strip away some of the mystique and myths surrounding power exchange relationships.

To this end, this class will explore:

  • Understanding the basis of a power exchange relationship
  • Why people choose to explore power dynamics
  • Building trust, communications, interactions, expectations and standards
  • The outward appearance of a power exchange- Protocols, rules, etiquette, etc.

For the author, this workshop provides a greater understanding of how to create greater, more intense power exchange relationships without stepping across the line of abuse.

For the reader, this workshop gives a better background to see the nurturing nature of a good power exchange and thus allowing them to let go into the deeper levels of a story.


About our presenter, Sappharia:
Service, power dynamics and all their combinations and variations are a dance between all the participants. Sappharia is a great “dance instructor”. A “switch” by definition but not necessarily by identification, she’s been on both sides of the Silver Salver and the slash. With a passion for education and skill-sharing she loves in-depth explorations of service, dynamics, psychological edges and observations. Her passions of service run so deep she’s studied buttling to the point of certification and currently studying to be a tea sommelier. Most often you can find her prolifically writing erotica and non-fiction in her lines of passion or volunteering at a number of events. Visit her at: